Wednesday, 6 May 2015
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Finance Solutions®
Software for Microfinance, Credit Unions, & Village Banks
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  Introducing Finance Solutions®

Finance Solutions® is the latest generation software from Sigma Data & Computers Ltd, and is designed to help you organize and manage your Banking, Accounting and Micro finance solutions. Finance Solutions®'s unique combination of ease of use, powerful functionality and exceptional value for money make it the best choice on the market today...
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In 2009 Review (latest), received a rating of "Best" in Functionality (published on 2009-10-22)

2009 CCAP Review (published on 2009-10-10)

 (published on 2009-07-23)

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Sigma Data & Computers Ltd

Sigma Data & Computers Ltd was incorporated in Uganda on 16 the August 2000 as a Limited Liability Company. SIGMA Data & Computers Ltd. is devoted to Software Development and Consultancy (i.e. to provide customized software and to carry on the business of professional Programming, systems analysis, data processing and generally to act as professional consultants)...
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Finance Solutions demo (Size 25.9 MB Version 8.34 for fresh installation)
Download Finance Solutions Brochure (Size 346 KB PDF)
Download Finance Solutions v 8.32 CGAP Review (Size 43 KB PDF)
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Finance Solutions Pricing: (Affordable)
Finance Solutions is one of the best in the microfinance and accounting industry with the advantage of affordability.
Maximum Licenced Users Maximum No. of Clients Price with MS SQL server Database Annual Maintanace (20% of license)
1 Unlimited US$ 2,500 US$ 500
5 Unlimited US$ 5,000 US$ 1,000
10 Unlimited US$ 7,500 US$ 1,500
15 Unlimited US$ 10,000 US$ 2,000
20 Unlimited US$ 12,500 US$ 2,500
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